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The 5 Worst Chemicals To Avoid in Store-Bought Baby Skin Care Products

The 5 Worst Chemicals To Avoid in Store-Bought Baby Skin Care Products

posted 2018 Dec by

The 5 Worst Chemicals To Avoid in Store-Bought Baby Skin Care Products
Most store-bought baby skin care products contain toxic chemicals that could harm your baby's health. Here are the 5 worst chemicals to stay away from.
Almost four million babies are born each year. Having a child is a joyous experience, but it can quickly become scary working to keep your precious baby happy and healthy.
Every day we are bombarded by information about harmful environmental factors and told what products are safe and what products are not. There is so much information, it can get confusing.
Eager to learn what baby skin care products you should avoid in order to keep your baby happy? Read below for five of the worst chemicals that can be found in common products.

1. Fragrances

Tons of products have fragrances. Shampoo that smells like roses? Fragrance. Lotion that smells like oranges? Likely fake fragrances. These often are added to mask odors of certain chemicals.
Keeping baby skin moisturized is important, but you must use safe products.
It's good to avoid all fragrances for new babies because they can linger on the skin and cause irritation. Especially because the skin of babies is more sensitive.
Check labels carefully and seek out products that are fragrance-free or only natural ingredients.

2. Bisphenol-A (BPA)

BPA is a hormone-disrupting chemical. It can be harmful to many of the body's systems, including the brain, reproductive system, heart, and liver.
Unfortunately, BPA is found nearly everywhere, including plastic water bottles. Be sure to carefully inspect labels and packaging when shopping for baby skin products.
Do extra research online because it has been found that some products contain amounts of BPA even if labeled "BPA Free."

3. Talc in Baby Skin Care Products

Talc powder is commonly found in both cosmetic and baby powder. It's used as a drying agent but has been established as a contributor to lung issues and cancer.
It is a natural product that has absorbing properties. While this is great for issues like diaper rash, it is dangerous for babies to breath in the dust.
Many companies have moved towards eliminating talc in their products, but some products still contain small amounts.

4. Parabens

You've likely heard about parabens. Many products ranging from shampoo to makeup now carry the label "paraben-free."
Parabens are synthetic compounds and have been linked to reproductive issues and skin irritation. While many products have removed them, certain baby products may still contain parabens in order to increase the shelf life.

5. Triclosan

If you see a label that states anti-bacterial, keep reading closely. This is because most things claiming to have these properties probably has Triclosan in it.
Triclosan is viewed as a carcinogenic, and while you may want to keep your baby free of bacteria, it is actually harmful to keep everything around them completely sterile.
By not exposing them to natural bacteria and allergens, babies cannot create their own immune defenses. This is also why it is good to limit the use of antibacterial skin products, including hand soap.

Keeping Your Baby Safe for Years to Come

Thinking about dangerous chemicals is scary, but you now have a starting list of baby skin care products to avoid.
Ready for even more information? Be sure to check out this guide to choosing safe bathing products!


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