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Preparing For A New Baby - A Mommy-to-Be Guide

Preparing For A New Baby - A Mommy-to-Be Guide

posted 2021 Jan by

Your due date is drawing closer and although you may feel as if you have to scramble to get all the pieces in place before your newborn arrives, take a deep breath! Consider this your ultimate guide to prepping for your new baby in the weeks before your delivery date.


Write a birth plan

If you haven't already checked this off of your list, it's a good idea to prepare some notes about what kind of birth you'd like to experience. Write down the type of pain relief you want, whether you'd like delayed cord clamping, and whether it’s important for you to have skin-to-skin contact with your newborn immediately following the birth. Your birth plan needs to be flexible, in case your preferences or circumstances change on the day. But it can still be a useful guide for you, your birth partner, and the team caring for you.


Attend appointments

As you know by now, doctor’s visits are essential for monitoring your baby’s progress. You’ll probably be seeing your caregiver every two weeks, so jot down any questions you may have in between sessions and ask them during your next visit. Never hesitate to reach out for help or further information.


Take more classes

You may already be taking birthing classes, but consider other courses that will help you care for your baby. There’s an endless array of such sessions, from safe bathing to CPR and breastfeeding. If you’re planning on breastfeeding, these classes will be incredibly helpful. You never know if your baby is going to be a difficult eater, so preparing ahead of time and knowing all the best practices will ensure that you’re ready to breastfeed.


Finish up the nursery

Preparing your newborn’s nursery can be one of the most fun aspects of anticipating his or her arrival. Many moms-to-be really enjoy decorating their baby’s room, but you can also decide to just focus on the basics: make sure the crib is safely assembled and ready to go, you’ll need a changing station stocked with diapers and wipes; wash onesies and other newborn baby outfits ahead of time and neatly arrange them in the drawers and closet, and you’ll most likely want a comfortable rocking chair in the room. Making sure you have those very basic essentials for your baby’s nursery may alleviate a great deal of the stress.


Wrap things up at work

All of the maternity-leave paperwork required by your employer should be carefully reviewed and filled out. Additionally, you should finish up any big projects or delegate the tasks to others. Once that baby comes, the last thing you want to be thinking about is what’s going on at work!


Have the bags ready

As the days to the due date count down, you could go into labor at almost any point. Have the hospital bags ready to go and plan your transportation. If a loved one is taking you, consider having him or her stay over until you’re in labor. Alternatively, you can always phone emergency services if it’s sudden and you have no method of transportation.


Do some laundry

All those baby clothes and bedding that you’ve been waiting to use should now be put in the wash in preparation for your baby’s arrival. This will be gentler on your baby’s skin, and reduce the chance of irritation. Don’t forget to wash all of the baby crib linens, blankets.


Familiarize yourself with the birth center

Though you’ll likely take a tour of the facility, it never hurts to further acquaint yourself with the space. Childbirth is a big event that may seem daunting, but being familiar with the area will help ease your worries. While you’re there, see if there are any forms you can fill out ahead of time so you won’t have to worry about them later on.


Plan the exit

Leaving the hospital is another big process that you should prepare for. Whoever is picking you and your baby up should have a car seat installed. Hospital staff members may escort you to the vehicle and check to make sure the car seat is there and that your infant is belted in before allowing you to depart.


Get ready for post-pregnancy

After nine months of pregnancy, your body may seem foreign after you give birth. Chances are, you want to return to your old body as soon as possible, but speak to other mothers about the process. It’ll take time, but recognizing this and learning from others’ experiences will help you prepare for the work and adjust your expectations.


Clean the house

You never know when your baby may arrive, so call in some help and have the house cleaned thoroughly! When you return home, the rooms will be clutter-free, ensuring that you can care for yourself and your baby to the best of your ability.



Take a deep breath've got this! 




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