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Hair Accessories For Children's Hair

Hair Accessories For Children's Hair

posted 2021 Feb by

When kids are, well, kids, they don’t exactly have a knack for doing their own hair. Thankfully, just like adults, kiddos have plenty of hair accessories to choose from to mix up their daily hairstyles. From barrettes and ponytail holders to colorful headbands, you and your little ones have a variety of fun accessories to choose from. They can complete their outfit of the day with any one of these adorable kids hair accessories.


Mermaid Knotted Headbands

Let’s be real - Kids hair accessories aren’t just for the kids. Since there’s a good chance mom, dad, or grandma will be doing their hair, whatever bows or barrettes you choose need to also be easy for adults to use. You can consider an entire hair care strategy that might make life a little easier: like minimizing those weekly washes and go for a simple hairstyle. If you decide to shampoo once every couple weeks, while in between washes, check out these vibrant mermaid knotted headbands. Unlike other more complicated hair styles, by simply pulling hair back in a pony tail or cute bun, in just seconds her hair will be ready for the day.


Bright Hair Clips

If you have a kid who loves color, you can’t go wrong with these kids’ hair accessories. This bright and bold collection of a whopping 100 pieces will provide them more options than they can ever use. From animals to fruits and stars, there are plenty of fun patterns they will love to add to their outfits. The durable material is great for daily wear and won’t easily get damaged when dropped. With so many options, how could they ever get tired of doing their hair?


Baby Girl Hair Accessories

Take your baby’s hair style to a whole other level of cute with these adorable kid’s barrettes, bows, and hair ties. This set of 36 pieces gives you plenty of back-ups for whenever some get lost (which will definitely happen). There’s a mix of bow hair clips, gentle hair ties, and hairpins in sweet and delicate designs that are the perfect size for kids and babies. Most importantly, these accessories won’t pull or stress delicate hair.


Before styling and accessorizing, step one is to make sure your child’s hair healthy.! Practice a basic hair care regimen that incorporates the following:


SHAMPOO: Shampooing your child’s hair and scalp is a must – a routine that includes a mild, moisturizing shampoo about once a week or once every two weeks is usually sufficient, and can help prevent excessive drying of the scalp and hair. Whether you use shampoo or prefer to do a co-wash, keeping your child’s hair clean and moisturized is an important step to maintain ultimate hair health.


DETANGLING: Detangling can be the most difficult step in the hair care regimen because it can cause a little bit of discomfort for your child. Gently removing tangles from your child’s hair helps you retain length and helps you dodge those nasty single-strand knots. Lightweight detangling sprays can help, but detangling technique is also important. Try first combing through the hair using your fingers, and then use a wide-toothed comb working from the ends up towards the scalp.


DEEP CONDITIONING: Deep Conditioning can be used interchangeably with a regular conditioning routine. Some parents choose to deep condition a few times a week; however, deep conditioning once or twice per month is acceptable as well. Apply conditioner to the hair after it has been washed. Let it sit for about 30 mins – 1 hour and rinse. You can also apply the conditioner to their hair and have them sit under a hooded dryer on medium heat for about 10 minutes.


TRIMMING: If you are starting to see a lot of damaged split ends, notice hair balls at the ends of the hair, or hear a lot of snapping or popping of hair strands during detangling, then it’s probably time for a trim. Please do not confuse a trim with a haircut. Trimming strands that are generally healthy typically involves only removing the very ends  about 1/4 of an inch of hair. Only trim the minimum amount needed to get rid of these damaged ends using the proper shearing scissors. You may even consider taking your little one to a professional stylist for a trim – the “child’s rate” should feel like a bargain!


LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER: Applying a pH-balanced leave-in conditioner is important because it closes the cuticles of your child’s hair shaft. This process helps “lock in” the nutrients and moisture that you added during washing and conditioning. It also leaves your child’s hair super soft and alleviates the risk of breakage due to dry hair.


Everything you need for this hair care regimen is in our new Hair Care Bundle which includes full-size bottles of our Shampoo/Body Wash, Leave-In Conditioner/Daily Moisturizer, and Moisturizing Hair Mist! All of our products are safe, gentle and effective enough for children of all ages including, newborns and infants!

Always remember, it’s best to accessorize your child hair only if the hair is strong and healthy!!!!!!

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