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5 Things You Should Know- Caring for African American Newborn Skin

5 Things You Should Know- Caring for African American Newborn Skin

posted 2018 Dec by

5 Things You Should Know- Caring for African American Newborn Skin
The skin on an African American newborn baby can be very sensitive and prone to dryness. Here's 5 things you should know when caring for your black baby's skin

First-time parents are already nervous to bring home their tiny newborn babies.
Did you know that more than one million millennials are becoming new moms every year? Not every new mama will understand how to treat her baby's brand new soft skin, which is why this article is so helpful.

Caring for African American newborn skin takes the right products.
Read on to learn more about the best way to care for your African American newborn skin as soon as you leave the hospital together.

1. African American Newborns are Prone to Sensitivity

Your precious newborn boy or girl looks so sweet bundled up in her blanket.
When it comes time to take your baby out of this comfortable position, you should take the opportunity to glance over your baby's skin before applying moisturizers.
Your baby will have sensitive skin so you need to avoid products with harsh chemicals. The soothing moisturizer you choose to use on your baby's skin must have natural ingredients, too.
Look for products that are recommended by your pediatrician. Avoid detergents and products that are loaded with fragrances and dyes. These ingredients can dry out your baby's skin.

2. Use Thick Emollients like Vitamin E

In the winter, you need to bring out the best defense against the cold weather for your baby.
Find products on the market that have heavy-duty ingredients such as vitamin E and coconut butter for your brown baby's dry skin. Vitamin E will promote healthy skin development.

3. Bath Your Baby With a Gentle Shampoo

In addition to applying thick emollients, such as vitamin e creams, you should be wary about what products you use to wash your baby's hair during bath time.
Keep bath time fun and tear-free when you pick up a bottle of CARA B Naturally Shampoo & Body Wash. Our shampoo and body wash has natural coconut oil and a natural chamomile fragrance blend.
Using natural shampoo will also contribute to giving your baby the best skin possible. Your tiny baby will feel soft and clean after each bath.

4. Look Out for Signs of Red Itchy Bumps

Brown babies are also prone to eczema, so be on the lookout for red itchy bumps on your little one.
These skin problems can be cleared up with the aid of a doctor's prescription. In order to prevent it from returning, apply a topical ointment to your baby's skin on a daily basis, too.

5. Don't Forget Sun Protection

Of course, you need to keep your baby's skin moisturized because of dryness. However, did you ever consider the importance of sun protection for your little one?
No matter what skin color your baby was born with it's important to apply a sunscreen all over his or her body before you two go outside to play. Use a broad-spectrum sunblock with at least 30 SPF to prevent sunburns.

Purchase the Best Natural Products for Your African American Newborn

Contact us at CARA B Naturally for more information on taking the best care of your tiny baby's new skin with the right natural products.
Hopefully, this post tells you all about treating your newborn's precious skin.
We also have plenty of natural products available for you over in our online shop, so check it out!


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