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What's the Best Oil for Baby Massage? Here Are 4 Oils to Try!

What's the Best Oil for Baby Massage? Here Are 4 Oils to Try!

posted 2018 Nov by

What's the Best Oil for Baby Massage? Here Are 4 Oils to Try!
You probably know all about the benefits of baby massage. But what's the best oil for baby massage? Here are 4 oils you may want to try.
Did you know that 90% of new parents are fearful of doing something wrong? While there are plenty of parenting books out there, no one has agreed on a set of rules for raising children.
It's no wonder why parenting can be so intimidating!

One thing that all experts can agree on, though, is the benefits of massaging your baby. Baby massage can work wonders for their physical and mental health.
Using the right kind of baby oil is important. This article will be your guide for choosing the best oil for baby massage under any special circumstances.
You can't go wrong with any of these 4 oils.

1. Best Oil for Baby Massage in Summer: Coconut Oil

Some oils are heavy and retain heat. If your baby gets overheated, they'll never stop fussing. Choosing a lightweight oil that gets absorbed into the skin is important during the warmer months to keep your baby comfortable.
Coconut oil is wonderful for the skin because of its cooling and moisturizing effects. It's also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, which means it can help protect their immune system.
Whatever you put on your baby's skin will get absorbed into their body. Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants and other nutrients that will help your baby grow strong.

2. Best Baby Massage Oil in Winter: Almond Oil

If you read the labels on any baby massage oil and other skin care products for adults, you'll likely find almond oil as an ingredient.
Not only is almond oil packed with vitamin E, but its rich texture also helps to insulate the body. To keep your baby cozy during the winter, be sure to massage them with unscented almond oil.

3. Best Massage Oil for a Baby Who Is Colicky: Chamomile Oil

Every adult feels better after drinking chamomile tea. Did you know that you can use chamomile massage oil on your baby to reap the same calming effects?
If you massage your baby before bedtime with chamomile oil, the aroma will relax them and give them a deeper, longer sleep.
Chamomile oil is safe to use on newborns because it can help cure rashes and other skin problems.

4. Which Oil Is Best for Baby Massage Overall? Try a Blend!

As you can see from the previous choices, each oil comes with a unique set of health benefits for your baby. If you want your baby to reap the most from their massage, consider choosing a product that contains a blend of natural oils.
This lotion contains organic coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, and even chamomile extract to name a few ingredients. Its creamy texture goes on smooth and gets absorbed quickly to moisturize your baby.
Since it's allergen-free and safe for any skin type, you can feel assured that your baby is healthy, soft, and getting all the nutrients their body needs.

Want More Helpful Baby Tips?

Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs. CARA B Naturally is here to help new and experienced parents alike. If you've enjoyed learning about the best oil for baby massage, we have plenty of other tips to help your little one stay happy and healthy.
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