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The Complete Guide to Finding Non-Toxic Bath Toys for Toddlers

The Complete Guide to Finding Non-Toxic Bath Toys for Toddlers

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The Complete Guide to Finding Non-Toxic Bath Toys for Toddlers
When it comes to bath toys for toddlers, you want to make sure they aren't putting anything toxic and harmful in their mouths. Here's how to find non-toxic toys
Unnatural and synthetic chemicals make up many of our personal care products nowadays. New mothers and parents looking for reliable and natural products for their children need to do research. In the United States especially, families find it difficult to avoid toxic chemicals.
The U.S. government bans about 30 known kinds of harmful chemicals while the European Union does not allow 1,400 known dangerous chemicals. Many of these cancer-causing chemicals appear in children's toys and products in the U.S. Check out the helpful guide below to buying safe baby bath products, including non-toxic bath toys for toddlers.

Buying Non-Toxic Bath Toys for Toddlers

Duck toys for babies and other plastic bath toys end up in your child's mouth as much as they do in the water. The combination of toddlers chewing on the plastic toys and the warm water means more dangerous chemicals seep into the bath or their mouth.
Avoid toys with the three following chemicals known to harm your child's health: bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Are There Safer Plastic Infant Bath Toys?

Yes! Knowing what materials cause harm can help narrow down what bath toys for toddlers you should buy. You also need to know where to check on the toy to identify its manufacturing material.

Look at the bottom of the toy. You will see the recycling triangle with a number in the middle. That number corresponds to the type of plastic making up the toy.

Choose toys with a #2 (high-density polyethylene or HDPE), #4 (low-density polyethylene or LDPE), and #5 (polypropylene or PP). Avoid toys with a #1 (polyethylene terephthalate or PET/PETE), #3 (polyvinyl chloride or plasticized polyvinyl chloride or PVC), and #6 (polystyrene or PS). #7 plastics can vary, so avoiding the clear ones should be a general rule.

Brands with Safe and Non-Toxic Bath Toys

Do not worry! Many companies now offer safer alternatives to the standard plastic bath toys that put your child at risk. Check out the following companies when buying infant bath toys.

Alex Toys

Parents do not need to special order Alex Toys since you can buy them in most stores with toys like Walmart. Not all their toys come PVC-free, but they claim to only use phthalate-free PVC and EVA foam. Choose from of their popular toy sets like the Sea Horse Water Pump, Fashion in the Tub, Croc in the Tub, Big Scoop, and Spin and Spray.

CaaOcho Ocean

CaaOcho Ocean makes 100% all-natural rubber bath toys for 1-year-olds and other toddlers. They come in fun shapes like whales, seahorses, and fishes. Buy teething-specific toys so you do not have to worry about your little one chewing during that difficult time.

Green Toys

Environmentally conscious parents should check out Green Toys' unique line of recycled bath toys. They make every interesting toy from the seaplane to the submarine from recycled polypropylene plastics (#2 and #4).

Hevea Toys

Parents looking for safe duck toys for babies need to look at Hevea Toys' adorable rubber ducks. All their products come free of PVC, BPA, phthalates, and nitrosamines. Their popular Pond Bath Toy Set is even biodegradable!

The Safest Bath Products for Your Baby

Multi-ethnic, biracial, and black families often struggle to find natural products for delicate hair or skin types. Buying these great bath toys for toddlers is the first place to start when shopping for the best natural and non-toxic products.

We designed all our NPA certified natural care products specifically for ethnically diverse children and their families. Check out our soothing body lotion or moisturizing hair mist that leaves hair shiny and knot-free.


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