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Look for the Seal!

Look for the Seal!

posted 2018 Jun by

Look for the Seal!
Did you know there's no real regulation for companies claiming to have all-natural products? That's why we took the extra step to have our products and ingredients evaluated by the Natural Products Association (NPA), the nation’s largest and oldest nonprofit dedicated to the natural products industry. We worked with them to ensure that our products are truly natural and chemical free. CARA B Naturally is proud to be the first and only certified natural line of personal care products dedicated to ethnically diverse babies and children. According to NPA guidelines, natural products bearing the NPA seal have met the following criteria:
  • Natural Ingredients: A product labeled "natural" should be made up of only, or at least almost only, natural ingredients and be manufactured with appropriate processes to maintain ingredient purity.
  • Safety: A product labeled "natural" should avoid any ingredient with a suspected human health risk.
  • Responsibility: A product labeled "natural" should use no animal testing in its development.
  • Sustainability: A product labeled "natural" should use biodegradable ingredients and the most environmentally sensitive packaging.
Look for the seal today!


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