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How to Moisturize Your Baby’s Hair

How to Moisturize Your Baby’s Hair

posted 2020 Jun by

Moisture, moisture, moisture!  It’s the thing that all textured hair needs and babies and children are not exempt from that. To maintain healthy hair, it’s important that you are properly moisturizing the hair, focusing on using natural products, and gentle techniques. Here are some helpful tips!

After Shampooing

After you wash your baby's hair (using an all-natural moisturizing shampoo like this one here), the next step is to make sure it retains moisture to avoid breakage. There are a lot of products out there that can be helpful in caring for textured hair, but at this stage in your child's life, using products with all natural plant-based ingredients is best. Coconut oil or olive oil massaged into her hair and scalp can do wonders, but if you find you want a little something more to protect the texture, check out CARA B Naturally’s Leave-in Conditioner / Daily Moisturizer. Our plant-based conditioner can be used as a leave-in after shampooing, saving you an extra step at bath time. Simply use a small amount and gently apply it to the hair, not the scalp.

Styling and Daily Use

Beyond shampooing, in many cases, you will find that you need to moisturize their hair often, and as they get older, every day. Cream-based moisturizers and conditioners work well and can provide an added bonus of aiding in curl definition, and twisted and braided hairstyles.  The trick is finding moisturizing products that have the beneficial oils, but don’t weigh hair down or leave a residue.  So use cream moisturizers sparingly – a little can go a long way. Our Leave-in Conditioner / Daily Moisturizer is great for this as it is very light.

You may also find that you need additional products for moisturizing and styling. A spray moisturizer can add additional moisture and shine. You can create your own by combining a little almond oil, jojoba oil, or other natural oil with water and putting it a spray bottle. CARA B Naturally Moisturizing Hair Mist is excellent for adding light moisture and shine, and also helps with detangling.

Some Final Tips

With everything, the key to maintaining healthy hair is to start caring for it properly from the beginning. As your child grows, you may find that their hair may change dramatically over time, and you will have to adjust your routine and the products you use. Whether you choose to experiment with making your own products, or use products that you can purchase, just make sure that you’re avoiding any chemicals and sticking to all-natural, plant-based formulas. You can check out our Hair Care Bundle as a start to caring for your child’s beautiful, natural hair.


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