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As we celebrate 10 years in business - THANK YOU!

As we celebrate 10 years in business - THANK YOU!

posted 2020 Jun by

When we created CARA B Naturally 10 years ago, we hoped our products and our brand would speak to the hearts and needs of families like yours. We wanted something new and different for all ethnically diverse babies and kids - something better.
We started with a couple questions:
  • Why aren’t there any genuinely natural and chemical-free products made especially for our kids?
  •  Why aren’t there more products that positively affirm the natural beauty of our children?
It turns out, a lot of families were asking those same questions.
Our answer was to create CARA B Naturally.
And now, here we are, 10 years later, celebrating this exciting milestone, and thanking you - our customers - for that success.
We truly appreciate the support you’ve given us over the past ten years.
As we look forward to the next ten, we will continue to remember that you are our highest priority, and that our Children Are Always Beautiful, Naturally.


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