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"I can't thank you enough for producing such a wonderful product! My two year old son has severe eczema. I've tried several soaps and shampoo's claiming to be "hypo-allergenic" and/or "dye-free," all of which either left his skin extremely dry, or caused an allergic reaction. However, after bathing him with the CARA B body wash and shampoo I noticed that his skin was considerably softer and he didn't have a reaction!!! I was so impressed, I shared the results with his dermatologist who said she definitely wanted to try out the product!!! Move over Cetaphil, there's a new sheriff in town!"

Nicole D., Philadelphia, PA

"I recently ordered CARA B products for my daughter's hair. My daughter is 15 months old and I have spent countless dollars trying to find a product that mosturizes her hair without a greasy, heavy buildup. Eureka! These products are awesome. I've tried the other "natural" products geared towards multicultral hair care needs and they do not compare! I'm a true follower!"

Jodie M., Phenix City, AL

"A few months ago I won a gift basket full of CARA B products. I would just like to say, AMAZING! My youngest son breaks out in dry itchy patches even to the point of bleeding. This product is the only one out of all the products we have tried that has truly worked. Thank you, women of CARA B and expect a life long customer ♥"

Yvette M. Boston, PA

"I simply love these products...thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Julia S., LA

"Ok- I know I already wrote up a big 'thank you' for the products when I received them on Monday...but I have to do it again! After using the shampoo and the leave-in conditioner, my daughter's hair was just gorgeous- soft, beautiful curls. This morning I just used the moisturizing spray mist and the curls sprang back to life. You have some AWESOME products, CARA B!"

Danette O., St. Paul, MN

"This is absolutely the most fabulous product! I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! I have two daughters (and one son), but I use it on my girls' hair and it NEVER lets me down. It is so wonderful to have found something that consistently works. I am thanking thee, for CARA B!"

Nikki F., Waxhaw, NC

"I received my order today (It got here FAST!!) and my 8yr old daughter and I LOVE the products already! We are customers for life!!"

Vickie C., St. Joseph, MO

"Hi CARA B! I LOVE your products! I use them on my natural hair and my girls. Wondering if you are planning to expand to any stores in Southern California? I sure hope so!!"

LaRosa T., Monrovia, CA

"I started using your products on my 2 year old daughter's hair about three weeks ago. I began seeing instant results. Her hair is softer and more manageable. It is also getting longer and thicker. Before I discovered CARA B Naturally I was having a hard time keeping her hair moisturized because she has eczema. Your products have really helped in this area. Not only does her hair look and feel better, it smells great too. Thank you for creating products that truly work!"

Kratrina C., Lancaster, TX

"I love the products, the scent, the packaging everything!"

Titia D., Baltimore, MD

"I received my products today safe and sound like always..love the hand written note included thank you!"

Xandrea G.., Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"That daily conditioner - I absolutely LOVE that....it makes my son's hair look so good b/c it is naturally curly and very soft."

Christina, Nashville, TN

"I started using CARA B Naturally on my kids AND myself...I love everything about it. Now I just have to find someone else to give my old products to."

Delanna, Birmingham, AL

"My sister has recently pledged to only use all-natural/organic products for her family. I found these and sent the gift basket for my niece and nephew. My sister loves it and she says the kids love it too. The kids on the bottle are so cute!"

Michele L., Windsor, CT

"I really like that the Conditioner and Hair Mist really moisturize my kids' hair but their hair doesn't feel sticky. Also, the lotion is perfect – nice and creamy, not oily, and love the smell!"


"Most natural shampoos don't have any lather, but this shampoo creates a lot of silky suds..."

Darlise M., Columbia, SC

"I've been looking for chemical-free shampoos and lotions for my kids and I've tried a lot of products. These are light, not greasy and they smell so good!"

Jenene, Charlotte, NC

"The Conditioner and Hair Mist are a great combination. These products really do moisturize my

granddaughter's hair, but it doesn't feel greasy."

Regina J., Charlotte, NC

"I try to stick with all natural products for my children, even cleaning products, so I was so excited when I heard about your company. I LOVE the Body Lotion! It's a good consistency for putting on my babies as soon as they get out of the bathtub. It seems to melt into their skin. I like the scent and my three-year old daughter does too! Thank You!"

Ashley, Raleigh, NC

"It's so nice to know that there's a healthier, safer, all-natural option for my grandchildren."

Fay, Ormond Beach, FL

"The shampoo has such a great lather and it really leaves the hair feeling silky clean."

Kristi, Charlotte, NC

"I like this lotion for the kids and myself. I also love the beautiful and tasteful packaging."

Jacqui M., Hartford, CT